profile-pic-microsoftProject Coordinator: Kyriakos Koursaris

Kyriakos Koursaris holds a Music Education & Didactics degree and a Master of Choir Conducting from Charles University in Prague.

In 2008 he discovered his real passion, which is educational technology. He works as Head of ICT and Educational Technology at PaRK International School in Lisbon, Portugal, where he administers and facilitates technology-rich teaching and learning, guides collaborative curricular innovation as well as faculty and staff training/support, and ensures system service, reliability and consistency. Kyriakos also teaches the IGCSE Computer Science course in Y9 and has worked as a music teacher for almost a decade in grades K-7. He has been honoured to participate as a speaker in national and international forums such as the BBF EDU Day ’20, LGW 2019 International Gamification Seminar, Code Week 2019, TEDxLarnaca 2019, the parliamentary conference “Tecnologia e Pedagogia: O que ensinar? Como ensinar?” at the Assembly of the Republic, EDU Day ’18, the #MakeWhatsNext: Changing the Face of STEM regional event, BETT 2018, the Annual EUDojo17 Event held in the European Parliament in Brussels, as well as the ECIS Annual Educators Conference 2016.

At his school, Kyriakos has successfully implemented the use of Minecraft in the curriculum through a weekly workshop called “Minepark” and has pioneered the platform’s educational utilisation at a national and international level. For his contribution to connected and game-based learning, he was recognised as an MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) Expert and Fellow, a Minecraft Global Mentor as well as an EU Code Week Leading Teacher.




Joana Simas is a Portuguese Primary and Preparatory teacher since 2009. She holds a Primary Teaching degree and a Masters of Primary and Preparatory Teaching in Math, Science, Portuguese, History and Geography.

Since 2015,  Joana teaches History and Geography of Portugal at PaRK International School and she is and Ed-Teach Coach, since 2017.

She uses a student-centered pedagogy, based on project based learning, flipped classroom and integrates technology in classroom naturally and effectively.

In 2016, Joana was honoured to participate as a speaker for two projects, with her colleagues, at ECIS Annual Educators Conference – Cultivating Curiosity (Copenhagen, Denmark).

In 2017 Joana was recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE).

Most of PaRK’s History projects use Minecraft as a learning tool so in this blog you’ll have different Minecraft approaches of Portuguese History.