My country, your country – Week 5

Another week, another Minecraft PE update, which meant that we had to update the server as well. Fortunately this time we were better prepared and anticipated the update, so that by the time the students had to get together and work again everything was working as normal.

This time around, the update fixed some of the some of the texture bugs created by the last one, although it did make the server rendering more slow. The world would now render in area blocks and not in its usual transition effect, a small price to pay for having the server up to date and running again.

Up in the north a group of students began constructing one of the most iconic castles of the country, the Castle of Guimarães. This castle is the principal medieval castle in the northern region, also known as the birthplace of Portugal.

Just a little outside Lisbon, another group decided to start building what is considered to be the most iconic palace of Portugal, the Pena National Palace. It stands on the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains above the town of Sintra and can be easily recognized by its warm exterior colors.

Finally, inside the capital city the Cristo Rei Sanctuary was completed, while in the southern region of the country an entire ocean was being created next to the sandy beach.

The Cristo Rei Sanctuary is now open for visit.
It takes a lot of water buckets to fill an entire ocean.

Some time before the end of this week’s activity the server became very slow and almost unresponsive. Students had to logout and login again various times in order to continue their work, while others simply could not login back again. Most probably this had something to do with the server updates, and hopefully it will eventually get fixed by next week’s gathering with a new or updated server version. Fingers crossed.

My country, your country – Week 5

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